Executive Board Members

Robert Gravley, Chairman

USMC, Vietnam 1969-1971

Robert joined the Council in 2008 as Secretary and Then as Treasurer. He Chairs the Incarcerated Veteran, By-Laws and Stand Down Committees.

Joseph Herring

US Army 1968-1971 Vietnam

Budget & Finance

Joseph has helped the Council since 2008 & joined the Council in 2011. He oversees all financial matters as it pertains to our activities in the Stand Down, Memorial Day Services, Veterans Day Parade and Grants and Foundation Services.

Chaplain Joseph Stanberry

US Army 1964-1966, Reserve 1970-2001 (RET)

As our spiritual guide, Joseph has had an uplifting influence on our board and membership.  He is serving on our Incarcerated Veterans committee as an integral liaison to all the correctional facilities in our health care system.  He is our mentor in spirit and action.

Kenneth Magee

Mississippi State Representative

​US Navy November 1986 - 1995

Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council, Inc


Judge Advocate 

Robert F. Hall Jr.

US Navy (RET)

As the Committee Chairman for the Memorial Day Services at NAS, Robert has also taken on the challenge of the Annual Veterans Day Parade Committee.  He has proven his experience with the various Veteran Service Organizations as invaluable.

SGT Major Lawrence Herring

US Army (RET)     

Alabama State Representative

Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council, Inc.



Proud Wife Of OIF/OEF Veteran

Karen has been a part of the GCVAC Team from since 2009. She has served in the position of Public Relations Director, Community Affairs Director, and currently also serves as the OIF/OEF/OND Committee Chairperson

Cindy Barnes

Compliance Officer & Women Veterans Program Director

Army Veteran

JD Covington

AL Associate Rep

US Army Vietnam Vet

Jonathan Valentin 

GCVAV Photo  Staff

Army & Army National Guard 22 Yeas Oif/OEF Veteran

Robert Gravley

Florida  State Representative

Lawrence Herring Co Chairman 

US Army Retired

Melvin Shep​​herd

Mississippi Associate State Rep

Jolyn Castillo

​Executitve Secretary